Where will the class be held?

All classes will be held at:

Brooklyn Sportsman's Club

475 Monroe St.

Brooklyn, Mi. 49230

What should I bring?

Students need to bring the following:

Handgun (If you don't have a handgun, you can borrow one. Handguns are limited and based on a first come first served basis.)

50 rounds of ammunition. No live ammunition is allowed in the classroom. If you are renting our firearms, you must purchase 9mm brass case factory ammo.

Two magazines or “clips". If you only have one we can make it work. If you are using our firearms, we will provide the magazines.

Eye and Ear protection.

Hat with a brim. Like a baseball cap.

Pen and paper to take notes.

Snacks & beverages.

Questions to ask during the law portion of the class.

Valid driver’s license or State ID card

The shooting portion of the class is held on an outdoor range. We will be outside for about three hours rain or shine. Dressing for the weather is your responsibility.

Wear a round collar type shirt (non V-neck). This will help prevent hot cartridge casings from going down your shirt when firing the gun.

Do not wear any sandals or open toed or open heeled shoes.

For lunch students can bring a lunch or run out to McDonald's, Subway, or Tim Horton's in Brooklyn. If you do run out please come back and eat in the class room. That way we can continue the class and get out the range quicker.